The Spectral Pathology Lab is a research group led by Dr Michael J Walsh at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire focused on developing novel spectroscopic technologies to improve disease diagnosis and prediction of patient outcome.

  • 2022 Summer undergraduate research is underway in the Spectral Pathology Lab at UWEC! Thanks to the NSF REU grant, the Blugold Biomedical Innovator Program, the Ronald E McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program and UWEC ORSP for all their support!

  • Dr. Walsh will be giving an invited talk at the American Society for Nephrology 'Kidney Week' conference in Orlando, FL in November 2022.


  • Dr Walsh was awarded a 2022 Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students at UWEC. May 2022.

  • UWEC has received funding from the NSF for funding as a site for undergraduate research for the proposal, "Advancing high-performance computing opportunities in undergraduate research at UW-Eau Claire to meet challenges of multidisciplinary computational science". One of the students in this program will be working in the lab this summer (June-August 2022).

  • Students from the lab presented two posters at the 2022 CERCA event at UWEC, one on improving kidney cancer diagnosis and the other on modelling disease process in cell culture. April 2022

  • Dr Walsh was highlighted as part the Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School British Science Week as a former BRGS student. March 2022.

  • Zach Caterer presented his research at the Research in the Rotunda at the Wisconsin State Capitol! March 2022

  • Coverage of Zach Caterer and his research in the lab!



  • Dr. Walsh will be giving an invited talk at PacifiChem in December 2021 (now virtual) about the new advances in IR imaging for examing fibrotic disorders.

  • The lab has been awarded support for the Biomedical Innovators Grant - Mayo Collaborative Research Support! This will support training UWEC undergraduates in translational research projects in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic! Link

  • New invited Research in Translation Brief review accepted for publication in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology!

    • Mohiuddin S, Sreedhar S, Sreedhar H, Martinez D, Nazzal O, Gaba RC, Walsh MJ. Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology. Infrared Spectral Microscopy: A Primer for the Interventional Radiologist. 2021 (In Press) Link.

  • New publication in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics. "Silk Film Stiffness Modulates Corneal Epithelial Cell Mechanosignaling" 2021. Sun MG, Luo Y, Teng T, Guaiquil V, Zhou Q, McGinn L, Nazzal O, Walsh MJ, Lee J, and Rosenblatt MI. Link.

  • Dr. Walsh will be giving an invited talk as part of the "Translating Machine Learning to Healthcare Settings" at the BoostUrCAreer Doctoriales 2021 conference hosted by Université Côte d’Azur on April 21st 2021.

  • Two new papers accepted to start 2021!

    • Shachi Mittal, Tomasz P. Wrobel, Michael J Walsh, Andre Kajdacsy-Balla and Rohit Bhargava. Clinical Spectroscopy. Breast cancer histopathology using infrared spectroscopic imaging: The impact of instrumental configurations. 2021. In press. Link.

    • Songyun Liu, Deborah J. Hall, Craig J. Della Valle, Michael J. Walsh, Joshua J. Jacobs, and Robin Pourzal. Biotribology. Simultaneous Characterization of Implant Wear and Tribocorrosion Debris within its Corresponding Tissue Response Using Infrared Chemical Imaging. 2021. In Press. Link

  • The new BME program at UWEC will be rolling out Fall 2021!

  • Two new publications accepted in June 2020!

        • Sreedhar H, Carns M, Aren K, Nazeer S, Walsh MJ* and Varga J*. *Joint corresponding authors. Vibrational Spectroscopy. Label-Free spectroscopic imaging of the skin characterizes biochemical changes associated with systemic sclerosis. *Joint senior authors. 2020 109:103102. Link.

        • Suryadevara V, Nazeer S, Sreedhar H, Adelaja O, Kajdacsy-Balla A, Natarajan V and Walsh MJ. Biomedical Optics Express. Infrared spectral microscopy as a tool to monitor lung fibrosis development in a model system. 2020 11:3996-4007. Link. OPEN ACCESS!

  • Congratulations to Suha and Siva for being awarded UIC Undergraduate Honors Travel Grants to present today at the Pittcon 2020 conference!

  • And congrats to Siva for winning the James Manner award for outstanding poster presentation!

New Spectral Pathology Lab Logo and website design!

  • Dr. Walsh and the Spectral Pathology Lab will be moving to the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire in the Summer of 2020 and will be joining the Material Sciences and Engineering program to develop a new Biomedical Engineering course!

  • Dr. Walsh is delighted to accept an invited talk as part of the one day symposium under the CLIRSPEC banner, entitled “Clinical Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy (#120)” at the forthcoming Pacifichem 2020 meeting taking place in Honolulu, HI, USA, December, 2020 (http://www.pacifichem.org/).

  • Dr Walsh is serving on the organzing committee for the SPEC 2020 - 11th International Conference on Clinical Vibrational Spectroscopy in Monterrey, California. For more details - Link.

  • Congratulations to Suha and Siva on being awarded Undergraduate Travel Awards from the Society for Applied Spectroscopy to attend and present at SCIX 2020!

  • Dr. Walsh will be chairing for the second year the "Precision Medicine and Spectroscopy" session at the upcoming SCIX conference in Palm Springs, California in October 2019 - Link.

Co-Editor of new Journal of Clinical Spectroscopy

  • Dr. Walsh and Dr. Bayden Wood are the co-editors of the recently launched Clinical Spectroscopy journal published by Elsevier. For more information about this exciting new journal - Link.

5th Year of the Annual Pathology Transplant Symposium

  • Unbelievably, this is the 5th year that we have hosted the Transplant Pathology Symposium that I co-organize with Dr. Suman Setty. Be sure to attend on December 10th 2019!

  • New publication in Analyst! Berisha S, Lotfollahi M, Jahanipour J, Gurcan I, Walsh MJ, Bhargava R, Nguyen H, and Mayerich D. Deep learning for FTIR histology: leveraging spatial and spectral features with convolutional neural networks. Analyst 2019. Link.

  • New publication in IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging! Kumar N., Uppala P., Duddu K., Sreedhar H., Varma V., Guzman G., Walsh MJ., and Sethi A. IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging. Hyperspectral Tissue Image Segmentation using Semi-Supervised NMF and Hierarchical Clustering. 2019. Link.

  • Our lab received the award for best poster in the Research category at Pathology Visions '18! Check out the poster "Mid-IR Label-Free Digital Pathology for the Identification of Biomarkers in Tissue Fibrosis" at https://digitalpathologyassociation.org/poster-presentations-at-pathology-visions

  • New publication in Analyst! Rupali Mankar, Michael Walsh, Rohit Bhargava, Saurabh Prasad and David Mayerich " "Selecting optimal features from Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for discrete-frequency imaging" Analyst 2018 (In Press). Link.

  • New publication in Transplantation! "Label-free identification of antibody-mediated rejection in cardiac allograft biopsies using infrared spectroscopic imaging." Imran Uraizee*, Vishal K Varma*, Hari Sreedhar, Francesca Gambacorta, Shaiju Nazeer, Aliya Husain#, Michael J Walsh#. Transplantation 2019. Link.

  • This work was funded through the Chicago Biomedical Consortium!

Kidney Precision Medicine Project Meeting

  • Dr. Walsh was lucky enough to attend the Kidney Precision Medicine Project 2019 meeting and present our label-free imaging of renal biopsies research as an Opportunity Pool Awardee!

  • New publication in Scientific Reports! "Predicting Fibrosis Progression in Renal Transplant Recipients Using Laser-Based Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging" 2018. Link.

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